Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The huge range of purifiers from AquaSure

There is hardly any consumer who has not heard about Eureka Forbes India. This company is a household name. Ask any health conscious consumer about their favorite brand in the home consumer durable products segment and you will find this company’s name ruling the lips of the majority. To make its products easily obtainable, Eureka Forbes in India has made part of its products available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets and part right at the consumers’ doorsteps (which can be booked via phone or online), both under different brand identities. So, you can get the AquaSure water purifier at a retail store. But, you can have a look at the complete range at Once you make a comparative analysis of the available models in the desired purification mechanism category, you can take the right buying decision.

The AquaSure water purifier range is huge. 100 percent purification effectiveness is assured in each of the systems. Here is a list of the range:
  • RO: Spring fresh DX, Elegant RO, Nano RO
  • UV: Crystal, Elite UV, Smart UV, Aquaflow Dx
  • Storage: Amrit with Kitanu Magnet, AquaSure Xtra
  • AquaSure RO+UV Water Purifier.

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