Monday, March 12, 2012

RO + UV AquaSure water purifier

Six stage RO + UV purification, 8 liters storage capacity, in-built voltage stabilizer ensuring that the system functions even during voltage fluctuation, auto flush facility for automatic cleaning of RO membrane and enhancing its life – these are few of the features of a Eureka Forbes water filter called AquaSure RO + UV. It comes with a 12 months membrane warranty. Yes, you get a free stand with this AquaSure water purifier. One feature worth mentioning about AquaSure RO + UV is incorporation of quartz UV filtration. It is this feature that facilitates water to pass through a high grade glass without contacting any metal part. What you get from the faucet of the AquaSure water purifier is 100 percent pure and safe water. And then the system comes with a membrane life enhancer. Well there are more features to explore. Visit to know more about RO + UV AquaSure water purifier. At this corporate site, you will come across other models of the Eureka Forbes water filter.

RO + UV AquaSure water purifier suits the d├ęcor of every modern kitchen. It weighs 11.5 kg and comes at 315 X 340 X 470 dimensions. So, where and how do you buy this Eureka Forbes water filter? You can get it at any leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets. As aforesaid, image, price, features, description, technical specifications can be accessed at Take a tour here before you visit the outlet so that you know what exactly you are buying!

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