Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purifiers that function without electricity and running water

Are modern advanced water purifiers meant to run only with electricity and running water? Of course not! There are low-budget systems for homes even without electricity and running water. Explore the world of Eureka Forbes water purifier and you will be transported to a terrain of choices in categories ranging from RO, blends, UV to UF and storage. AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and Xtra run without electricity and running water. And they are meagerly priced too – the first for Rs. 2250 and the second for Rs. 1490. The low price tag doesn’t mean that they are not multi-stage purification systems. Each aforesaid Aquasure water purifier comes with four stage purification mechanism. And they come with a warranty period. Whether you request for service support of the Eureka Forbes water purifier within or beyond the warranty period, you will always receive prompt and excellent support. The company has over 1800 service centres attended by 5800 plus trained technicians, who are always on their toes to cater to consumer requests to their satisfaction.

To view the features of each of the low-cost AquaSure water purifier, visit eurekaforbes.com. Here, you can also view demo video. Compare both the systems accordingly take buying decisions.

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