Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Uniqueness of AquaSure Amrit With Kitanu Magnet

The latest technological innovation backs every Eureka Forbes water filter. Have you tried using the AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet? This appliance comes incorporated with the revolutionary Kitanu Magnet with PCT – positive charge technology. Two stages of purification have been compressed into one in this technology. The kitanu magnet has complex nano fibers, which, during the purification process, attract and pull out harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Just like a magnet attracts and holds iron particles, kitanu magnet in this AquaSure water purifier attracts and holds contaminants present in H2O.

Aqua diagnostic Water Research & Technology Center happens to be only laboratory in India recognized by Water Quality Association (VVQA). Amrit with Kitanu Magnet Eureka Forbes water filter is tested at this lab and also other laboratories. The appliance conforms to IS: IO500, 1991 drinking water specification standards. It traps thee types of contaminants - physical, chemical and microbiological during the purification process.

The best feature about the AquaSure water purifier is that it requires no electricity or running H2O to run. With 20 liters storage capacity, it is the ideal appliance for medium and big families alike. Dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number to know more about this AquaSure appliance.

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  1. I had brought this product 1.5 Yr back and now its service is stopped. I want its cartage. Please suggest How can I get it?

    I had emailed my query to customer care but it seems that no one taking care of it.