Monday, July 23, 2012

Praises for AquaSure Nano RO

I am all praises for my AquaSure Nano RO. We are a family of three and this 4 litres storage Eureka Forbes water purifier well meets our water needs. Its sleek and compact design goes well with our kitchen d├ęcor. It doesn’t consume much space. It has been over two years that we have been using this AquaSure water purifier. The company people have not left any scope for criticism. They are so quick in attending to our complaints and service requests. Providing prompt service support is one aspect that most companies go sluggish. Before I bought the Nano RO, I first checked reading reviews and taking second opinion from Eureka Forbes water purifier users whether this company is prompt and efficient in delivering maintenance support or not. Indeed my research did bear results. Our purifier showed up some problem just after some seven months of usage. Within 24 hours of placing a complaint, a technician from the company turned up at our home and got the problem fixed.

Our AquaSure water purifier comes with a five stage purification process; complete contaminants get removed and TDS levels are well handled. Once you use it you will know about its advantageous features.

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