Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring Fresh DX RO AquaSure Water Purifier Cartridges

Using the Aqua Sure Spring Fresh DX Eureka Forbes RO purifier? Have you got the total dissolved solids (TDS) level of your tap H2O checked before installing it? If you have followed the recommendation, you have installed the right appliance. What matters is getting 100 percent safe water from the faucet. So, you must be well aware about the count and type of filter cartridges incorporated in your AquaSure water purifier. It will be wise on your part to know your appliance and stay informed of the latest technology in the purification segment so that you know about the benefits associated.

Here is a list of the filter cartridges incorporated in the Aqua Sure Eureka Forbes RO system:

  • Pre Filter: It effectively removes suspended physical impurities
  • Sediment Filter: This melt blown polypropylene cartridge removes dust and other finer suspended particles during the purification process
  • Pre-Carbon Filter: Silver impregnation is the specialty about this cartridge. It removes excess chlorine and organic impurities besides removing color and odor
  • Thin Film Composite (T FC) RO Membrane: It reduces TDS and hardness, removes micro organisms, heavy metals, and all new age tough contaminants
  • Carbon Filter: It revives the original taste of water.

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