Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AquaSure purifiers information at eurekaforbes.com

Using an AquaSure product? You have a range of Aqua Sure water purifiers to choose from in different segments from RO to storage, UV, and blend mechanisms. In the UV segment, you have AquaSure Crystal, AquaSure Elite UV, AquaSure Smart UV, and AquaSure Aquaflow Dx. In the RO segment, models range from Aqua Sure Spring fresh DX to Aqua Sure Elegant RO, and Aqua Sure Nano RO. Then AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet and AquaSure Xtra fill the storage segment. These are available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets. Complete description, image, features, and technical specifications can be viewed at eurekaforbes.com.

One of the Aqua Sure RO water purifiers worth mentioning is the Spring fresh DX RO. It exhibits elegant design, perfectly suiting my modern kitchen. Here are few of its features:
• 5 stage purification
• Storage capacity of 8 liters
• 500 -2000(mg/l) TDS support
• Micro switch float to avoid overflow
• Cartridge cleaning and membrane enhancement with manual flush
• Auto shut off if not used for over 10 minutes
• Glass holding facility to fill water as per your convenience
• 340 x 315 x 470 mm dimensions and 9.5 kg weight.

Eurekaforbes.com is a storehouse of information on not only the complete products that the company deals in. It also provides information on where the products are available, how to order, FAQs, placing of complaints online, requesting for after sales service support, and more. Before you buy any Eureka Forbes product, visit eurekaforbes.com.