Thursday, February 9, 2012

AquaSure Crystal UV and its features

It is not only crystal clear water that you get from the AquaSure Crystal UV. You get more than that. The A-Z of contaminants gets removed during the purification process. This multistage electric AquaSure water purifier comes equipped with advanced technology that helps deactivating harmful bacteria and viruses, giving your family 100 percent pure and safe drinking water. It is priced at only Rs. 7,990. Visit any of the leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets to buy this AquaSure water purifier. Before buying this system, you may explore more AquaSure UV options at the company’s corporate site

Three filter cartridges are incorporated in the AquaSure Crystal UV. These are sediment filter that removes floating particles, carbon block that removes organic and chemical compounds, and UV Tech that deactivates harmful microorganisms like bacteria and virus. You will know when this AquaSure water purifier will not function well. This is facilitated by the electronic monitoring system; cartridges life is 6000 litres. The decalcifier feature enhances the life of UV lamp besides retaining essential minerals. With the in-built voltage stabilizer, you can ensure your AquaSure to work even during voltage fluctuation. 2 litres of water flow in a minute; this is facilitated by the hi-flo mechanism. Energy saver mode incorporated in Crystal UV AquaSure water purifier ensures that you save energy besides the life of the UV life getting enhanced. Other features worth mentioning are anti-drip avoiding wastage of pure water and error indication for sending alert signals if any error occurs.

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