Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Options in AquaSure Eureka Forbes water filter series

Eureka Forbes water filter needs no introduction in the true sense of the term. The 30 years of dominant market presence with over 8 million users well substantiate the trust of people on this company. The count of users is only increasing by the day. There are two brands of the Eureka Forbes water filter series to choose from, one available via direct sales and another at retail outlets. Aqua Sure falls in the latter category. You can browse through the available options at eurekaforbes.com, the company’s corporate site.

When we speak about Aqua Sure Eureka Forbes water filter, there are numerous options under categories as diverse as RO, UV, storage, and blends. In the UV category, you have Aqua Sure Crystal, Aqua Sure Elite UV, Aqua Sure Smart UV, and Aqua Sure Aquaflow Dx. Under RO, you can choose from Aqua Sure Spring fresh DX, Aqua Sure Elegant RO, and Aqua Sure Nano RO. Those who are looking for budget friendly purifiers without compromising on quality, technology, and purification effectiveness can go for Aqua Sure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet or AquaSure Xtra. These are storage options. They come with filter cartridges, the life of which gets over after some thousands of litres. Visit the company’s corporate site to view in detail about the features and specification. In fact, every Eureka Forbes water filter including those of other brands does need a filter change when its useful life gets over. In the blend category, Eureka Forbes has Aqua Sure RO+UV system.


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