Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AquaFlow Dx UV AquaSure water purifier

Looking for a UV purifier after the water expert recommended use of a UV system given the availability of micro organisms in the water you receive from the tap. So, you are at an organized home appliance store and the various brands and models available are only confusing you. You will not regret going for the AquaSure water purifier. There are several AquaSure water purifier systems in the UV category to choose from, viz. AquaSure Crystal, AquaSure Elite UV, AquaSure Smart UV, and AquaSure Aquaflow Dx. Each purifier is the best in terms of technology incorporated, features, and quality. The only difference is in terms of price, storage capacities, and additional features.

So, if you opt buying the AquaFlow Dx AquaSure water purifier, you gain a competitive advantage in terms of price; it is the lowest priced in the series. This UV system comes equipped with a multi stage purification mechanism involving use of Sediment Filter for removing floating particles, Carbon
Block for removing Organic and Chemical Compounds, and UV Tech for eliminating water-borne disease causing micro organisms like bacteria and virus. What you get from the faucet is absolutely safe and clean drinking water.

Here is a list of the other features of AquaFlow Dx AquaSure water purifier:
  • In-built voltage stabilizer, working even during voltage fluctuations
  • Dual cartridge life
  • Energy saver mode
  • Hi flo; 2 liters of water get delivered in a minute
  • Error indication alert if any error occurs
  • Forward flush to clean cartridge and enhance its life.