Friday, May 27, 2011

Praises for Aquasure RO and after sales

Why is the Aquasure Eureka Forbes RO in India such a big hit? Reasons are obvious. What a consumer considers when buying a significant product like RO filter well justifies the fact. Here are reasons why millions of users use the Aquasure Eureka Forbes RO in India:
• Incorporation of advanced technology based on years of research and latest/futuristic trends
• Use of high quality materials for creation of the body and use of high quality components
• Purification effectiveness is guaranteed; 100% pure and safe water always flows from the faucet
• Use of TFC spiral RO membrane that is less susceptible to bacterial odor and rejects maximum contaminants
• Easy availability of the purifier at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets
• Excellent Eureka Forbes after sales service support on time every time

The aforementioned points find mention in parts in many a review on the Aquasure RO purifier. There are three Aquasure Eureka Forbes RO units in India that are widely used -Aquasure Elegant DX, Aquasure Elegant RO, and Aquasure Nano RO.

When it comes to after sales service, Eureka Forbes always keeps itself one step ahead. Once a service request is placed, it is processed within 24 hours at the most thus leaving no scope for grievance. So, once your system faces a problem, dial 3988 3333, a single helpline number accessible 24X7. There are over 1500 Eureka Forbes after sales service centres from where over 4500 technicians, all trained to perfection, operate.


  1. The 3988 3333 number is not for Aquasure products. And the customer service refuses to co-operate.

  2. AMKUSH is correct, 39883333 does not work for Aquasure.

    My aquasure complaint (it stopped working completely) is not attended to for 3 days now.
    No action for more than 48 hrs and also not able to use email escalation from website as I dont have web-ticket number.

    This sucks big time ...

  3. When you dial the customer service number 3988 3333 the reply you get is " This number does not exist"

    If you post a complaint online then also you will not get any response

    Be careful whenever you buy Eureka Forbes products as they do not have retail outlets and authorised service centres. You will be stuck like i am now