Monday, March 21, 2011

Effective after sales service support

Listening, agreeing, and responding, achieving complete customer satisfaction – this is the essence of good customer service, especially when it comes to registration of complaints and after sales service requests. This is what Eureka Forbes does when dealing with complaints and service requests. You will hardly come across negative views about Eureka Forbes after sales service or on any of the Eureka Forbes RO systems in reviews, blog posts, and discussion forums on web. Ever since its inception 28 plus years ago, the company has lived up to the expectations of its customers; no wonder the 8 million plus customers that it has well substantiates the company’s stamp of trust and reliability. No other company has such a huge sales record till date. Once you start using the Eureka Forbes RO system or any of its other series of water purifiers, you will know the difference. And once you seek Eureka Forbes after sales service for the company’s product you are using, you will know that this is the company that you can completely rely upon. There are 1500 plus Eureka Forbes after sales service centres from where 5000 plus technicians operate.

You cannot compromise on your health by drinking water that is not effectively purified. Such a situation is negated in case of purifiers from Eureka Forbes. Procuring a Eureka Forbes RO system of the Aquasure brand is easy. Just visit your nearest organized retail outlet, buy one, use it, and start living a healthy life.

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