Saturday, January 29, 2011

AquaSure Crystal UV and after sales

Besides the AquaSure Storage UV, one of the other UV systems that are in the good books of users as per many a Eureka Forbes review is the AquaSure Crystal UV. This multistage water purifier comes equipped with advanced technology designed to kill harmful micro organisms, ensuring that only 100% pure and safe water flows from the faucet. Every Eureka Forbes review on this water purification system also speaks volume about the affordable price; spending Rs. 7,650 is worth the investment. You can buy it at any of the leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organised retail outlets.

If you are using any Eureka Forbes products, how will you reach the Eureka Forbes after sales service executives in case your system faces a technical problem? Just dial the company’s helpline number; it is 3988 3333, accessible round the clock. As a consumer, once you request for after sales service, you will certainly want to know about the steps that the company would plan to take in addition to keeping you updated on the progress of the said action plan. This is assured at Eureka Forbes. And you will always get a prompt response! There are over 1500 Eureka Forbes after sales service support centres from where 4500 plus technicians operate. Solution of your system problem is thus a dial away.

Buying the AquaSure Storage UV is thus an advantage because besides the superlative quality system, you will also get excellent after sales service support!

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