Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Addressing of water purifier complaints

How often have you placed a complaint for the water purifier you are using? Are you irked because your repeat complaints have not yet been addressed or that it takes long for a request to be processed? Maybe you are not using the right purifier. When it comes to Eureka Forbes water purifier complaints, such hassles are negated. Prompt and effective service is what you can expect from the Eureka Forbes team. All you need to do is dial 3988 3333, the single number accessible round the clock, for placing your water purifier complaints. It takes 24 hours to get your complaint processed. But the company strives to process all water purifier complaints within the specified time frame of 24 hours.

There is hardly any consumer who is not familiar with the Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifiers. You may choose the model and the purifying mechanism type you want in the desired storage capacity; browse through the corporate site of the company to have a detailed tour of the technical specifications and features. Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifiers are available at all modern organized retail outlets. To know about the AquaSure from real users, do read the Eureka Forbes AquaSure review published on web. Each Eureka Forbes AquaSure review, carrying a wealth of information, will no doubt prove to be valuable for you.

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  1. Unfortunate that I don't agree with the post. Though the name is well known amongst a large base of people, it is for the wrong reasons. Did you ever try typing - eureka forbes water purifier complaints - in Google? you will get some tens of websites filled with complaints on eureka forbes water purifier and none are answered! Even I am struggling for the past three days to get my purifier working..result is this comment.