Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The AquaSure Nano RO

It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that majority of the people prefers buying the Eureka Forbes RO system. And I believe this is all because of the company’s strict adherence to high quality standards while developing its products as well as consistent research to incorporate innovative mechanisms. As per Eureka Forbes customer reviews, there is always something new in the Eureka Forbes’ products and given the wide variety and varying prices, users can accordingly choose which RO system matches their budget and preferences.

One of my nearest neighbors bought a Eureka Forbes RO system; now another neighbor bought the AquaSure Nano RO. Even this neighbor has seen me using an RO system by Eureka Forbes and he has been telling me that he would buy one too soon; and there he is. He said he read a number of Eureka Forbes customer reviews besides also reading about the features of the system in detail displayed in the company’s corporate site. Well, customer reviews do help one make an informed decision!

The AquaSure Nano RO weighing 7.1 kg comes with dimensions 198 x 281 x 413 mm.
This five stage Eureka Forbes RO system, besides purifying the water, ensures that the water maintains its natural sweet taste. Its manual flush facility facilitates cleaning of the cartridge thus enhancing its life. The energy saver mode gets activated if the machine is not operated for 10 minutes. And the in-built voltage stabilizer facilitates functioning even during voltage fluctuation.

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  1. We had one of our worst experience in buying Eureka Forbes AquaSure Nano Ro on 3/8/2010 from BEA Electronics Coimbatore. Over the last 8 months, the purifier didn’t even work for more than one month

    without any problem. Numerous calls to the service center - 04226456655 (Sun Enterperises, Cbe) haven’t solved our problem. Only our phone bills and water bills are going up. No one responds to our complaints. Even if we go to a local product we will get better service than Eureka Forbes. Don’t ever buy any product from Eureka Forbe