Sunday, July 25, 2010

AquaSure review on a UV water purifier

When you buy a water purifier, one aspect that automatically crops up in your mind is whether the company is prompt in attending to complaints and if it provides effective service. Obviously you will not compromise on your as well as your family’s health by waiting for days to get the technical problem fixed even after placing your water purifier complaints in the future. And you cannot expect that your water purifier will run for years together without any problem or with no requirement of maintenance!

Eureka Forbes water purifiers hold a dominant share in the market, reaching millions of homes. The AquaSure brand of water purifiers can be bought from a retail consumer store where such products are available. To get an idea and to read the features of the various AquaSure models, you can log on to You may also dial the round-the-clock accessible number - 3988 3333 – to collect information. This is also the number for dialing and placing your AquaSure water purifier complaints.

Amid the water purifiers by Eureka Forbes that have been spoken volume in many a Eureka Forbes AquaSure review is the AquaSure Storage UV. This 4-stage UV water purifier comes equipped with particulate filter, sediment filter, carbon block, and UV tech facilitating the user derive completely pure and safe water for consumption. Other features in this system include inbuilt voltage stabilizer, water level indicator, energy saver mode, error indication, and manual flush to clean cartridge.


  1. hi,

    i purchased one aqua sure water purifier on 11 JULY 2010 from jain electricals,22.double story quarter kabool nagar,shahdara, delhi-110032,. And the product is not working properly from the day one.i have complains so many times but there is no response.your service is too poor because you don't take responsibility of costumers problems.

  2. UV water purifiers: EsselNasaka, health care division from Essel and Okaya power Group offers water purifier machine to provide pure and healthy water for your desired need.