Monday, May 24, 2010

The Aquasure phenomenon

Much has been spoken of these days about the powerboil technology of Eureka Forbes’ Aquasure brand of water purifiers. Information about the Aquasure powerboil and sureboil technology is aired by word of mouth by the users themselves besides posting comments on web. These comments also carry appreciation about the Eureka Forbes after sales service.

Many a Eureka Forbes Aquasure review finds mention about the AquaSure Crystal. The Aquasure review elaborates on its features, viz. unique UV tech purification, back flush, anti drip, power boil purification, buzzer indication, bottle holder tray, EMS-Electronic monitoring system, SMPS stabilized voltage, water outflow of 2ltr/min, and decalcifier.

There are other powerboil variants of water purifiers that are also prized by the users in reviews on Eureka Forbes Aquasure. These include AquaSure AQUAFLO, AquaSure Ivory, AquaSure Platinum, AquaSure DESIGNA, AquaSure Aquaflow Dx, AquaSure RO+UV, AquaSure Storage UV, AquaSure Elegant RO, AquaSure Star LX, and AquaSure SpringFresh RO. You will find these products in a retail electronic store nearest to your home. To collect product information, you can dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number - 3988 3333. If you are already a user and require after sales service for your system, dialing the same customer care number will get you prompt service. You can also visit

One factor that has elevated Eureka Forbes’ status in the market, turning it a household name, is its prompt customer service support. Consumers’ interests are well taken into account and requests are promptly processed – the cornerstone of Eureka Forbes customer service.

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