Friday, March 19, 2010

AquaSure water purifiers

If you visit any home electronic retail store in any location across the country, you cannot draw your eyes away from the aesthetically designed Eureka water purifiers under the AquaSure brand. The powerboil technology category itself sports a number of variants like AQUAFLO, Aquaflow Dx, CRYSTAL, DESIGNA, Elegant RO, Ivory, Platinum, RO+UV, SpringFresh RO, Star LX, and Storage UV. If you go for the sureboil technology, you may choose from amongst Mobile Water Purifier, Royale 1800, Steel, Storage 4 in 1 (18 Litre), Storage 4 in 1 (25 Litre), and Supreme 3000. All these water purifiers are true epitomes of excellence in performance as confirmed by many a Eureka Forbes AquaSure review. In almost every review, the user has spoken volume about the unique technology incorporated in the purifiers as well as the promptness in customer service.

Many of you guys must have been using the AquaSure RO+UV electric water purifier. Power packed with advanced power boil technology, this Eureka Forbes RO purifier blended with UV mechanism removes all contaminants besides inactivating all micro-organisms effectively. Its 6-stage purification reduces TDS content by 90%; the LCD display, auto-shut off mechanism, auto back flush, pump timer are its other unique features.

The more you explore on Eureka water purifiers, the more you will get to know about the varied uniqueness of the purification systems!

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